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The "S.A.E. S.n.c. of Rossi and Luconi" was established at the beginning of 1979.
From that moment a careful and profound restructuring of the acquired company began, aimed exclusively at satisfying the needs of installers and professional users.
To date, the company occupies a total area of ​​over 5000 square meters, further evidence of the significant importance in the Valdichiana area and neighboring provinces. The widespread computerization started in 1981, then perfected with the help of optical readers, has made SAE an efficient company ready to quickly and correctly satisfy the requests of its customers.
To increase its bargaining power and thus gain competitiveness, it is also associated with the ANTARES National Distributor of Electrical Materials Distributors.
Customer satisfaction is demonstrated by the constant growth of activities, number of customers and turnover.
From 01 January 2012 the S.A.E. Snc has assigned a business unit to SAE Srl which takes over all commercial activities with customers and suppliers and other partners.


"A great vision, without great people, is irrelevant."
Jim Collins


Il Nostro Team
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